Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Also Our Microfinance Outlets

Find the answers to all your questions about Social Exchange Market.

  1. Q: Who qualifies for this empowerment?
    : -Everybody from 18yrs and above.

  2. Q: What is the process to follow to benefit from this empowerment?
    A: One man one project,-belong to one of the community groupings.
  3. Q: When and how do I payback?
    A: It is not a loan, it is a grant. The only payback is profitable utilisation of funds.
  4. Q: How do we get listed as your microfinance outlets?
    A: Apply to us in writting with your official letterhead.
  5. Q: Our Microfinance Outlets are:
    A:  Financial correspondents for disbursement of financial empowerment.

  6.  Duly certified in our collateral register.

  7.  Have official capacity to facilitate empowerment of up to one thousand beneficiaries.

  8.  Nevertheless, though our microfinance outlet are owned by our registered vendors, they are operated by Social Exchange Market in consonant with such owners.

  9. we are in the process of listing Model Microfinance Outlets as Stakeholders in the market.