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Social Exchange Market ‘SEM’ is the foremost international non-governmental economic empowerment intervention towards improving the standard of living of hitherto impoverish family. As evinced by our management dexterity, valued services, prompt response, discipline, efficient management and effective controls for accountability Social Exchange Market took-off with 5,486 collaterally registered Micro finance outlets, which serves as our financial correspondents for disbursement of once-in-lifetime financial grants to the financially handicap people with feasible people –oriented small scale business Our success is measured by the percentage of lives touched by our operations and we fully leverage our people, knowledge and resources for continuous improvement of our processes and always endeavour to surpass all regulatory standard and ethics. I hereby welcome you on board flight ‘Social Exchange Market’ in making life better for the poor.

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WE INTEND To continually grant the impoverished but visionary segment of global population true access to hitherto elusive economic empowerment thus embracing the financial inclusion of the cashless sector with bottom-up strategy. 


TO: All Stakeholders

FROM: Social Exchange Market

DATE: 2nd Aug 2018


We deeply appreciate your love for the financially less privilege Please kindly note as follows: Projects duly submitted by duly registered MFBanks are currently being processed; this process shall be completed in few months Hence, all duly collaterally registered MFBanks should endeavor to submit the softcopies of their already submitted projects at our Abuja office Our official channel of communication remains: -Our website: '' -Our only three (3) phone-lines: 234 (0)9030293138 234 (0)7055323810 234 (0)8163702419 So, please kindly disregard any info you receive from any other source Please kindly cultivate the habit of regularly visiting our website to: -Be abreast of developments -Pass your info, enquiries & feedbacks to send to us Always endeavour to report to us any monetary demand and confirm any info you receive. Thanks Signed Mgt.

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